Kylie Jenner's Calendar Prints the WRONG Birthday!

HollyscoopPublished: January 4, 20177 views
Published: January 4, 2017

Well, this is awkward. Looks like Kylie Jenner will be celebrating her birthday just a little bit late this year. Why? Well her new calendar printed the WRONG birthday! Ok, so Kylie's new calendar is so hot, it took a while for anyone to notice this massive misprint on her first ever print calendar, but this mistake is a huge one. With this pic of a half-naked Kylie Jenner holding birthday cake over her boobs, we might be distracted too. But if you look closely enough, you'll see that Kylie's 20th birthday is marked on August 20th. Except for Kylie's birthday is actually august 10th… Whoops! And here's the thing. This misprint isn't just on that one calendar caught by a random Twitter user. Turns out all of the new calendars with exclusive photos by Terry Richardson, have the wrong Kylie Jenner birthday. And as it says on her website, Kylie Jenner - ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Better luck next year, I guess. Hey, just ignore the misprint and look at that snake. And we'd lie to be able to tell you that this little mishap is just a one off - but we can't! Nope, the 19-year-old's products were littered with problems this year. You may remember that when Kylie debuted her very first ever lip kit through Kylie Cosmetics, not everyone was impressed with the product. And besides angry YouTube bloggers, and let me tell you they were PISSED, the Better Business Bureau initially gave the makeup company an “F” grade. Not just for quality either. Actually buying the kits was dangerous as people were stealing the in demand kits and selling them on the black market. The company did little to fix that problem at the time. PLUS, just last month Kylie opened up her first ever shop in LA - and fans were not impressed with her long list of rules for entering the pop up. Like a 10-hour wait to enter with NO bathroom breaks. Oh, and just YESTERDAY Kylie fans were LIVID when the teen announced she is no longer creating her own content on her subscription app - that her team would be taking over. One Twitter user point out: “What are people paying for then? What a joke!” What a MESS if you ask us! But tell me what you think. Can you look past Kylie's business mistakes and still give the girl some love? Let me know in the comment section below!

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