Baby Crazy About Pancakes

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Rumble / Babies & Kids5 month old baby is crazy about pancakes and everything else obviously. I think he is too fat for his age, but what can I do? he is always hungry.


  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    I will tell you this if you DON'T watch his weight as a child and you take that kind of attitude then he WILL become OBESE and IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT for causing him DIABETES and other health issues. If he is hungry, then give him FRUIT ok or there are many other things besides CARBS that you can give him steamed vegs and other food in the jars that are healthy like sweet potatos and I hope and PRAY that you NEVER give your kid sweet cereal or doughnuts or GOD FORBID coke or any sodas, for they WILL stunt their growth and its a DRUG, has caffeine in it and bad for their digestive system. I have been a teacher for YEARS and have seen parents give their children the WORSE FOODS. Go to your doctor and ASK him what is good for your baby to eat ok but the way that you feed your children NOW will DETERMINE if they become OBESE later on, ok HAVE THEM EAT HEALTHY FOODS, CHICKEN, FISH FRUIT AND VEGS NOT A LOT of sweets or carbs, To me whe a parent over feeds their children then you might as well put a GUN to your children's head and SHOOT them for for you are just givine them a DEATH SENTENCE by feeding them JUNK FOOD and causing them to have HORRIBLE food choices later on. THERE IS NO EXCUSE OR JUSTIFICATION WHEN YOU ARE SAYING THAT HE IS HUNGRY SO FEED HIM PANCAKES OK GIVE HIM FRUITS INSTEAD !!!

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    • musicamel, 2 years ago

      Dude are you some kind od doctor or you have no life posting such a long comment like you give a shit, this video is 4 yeas old and my son is healty and growing just the way he suppose to, dont give me that bullshit abaut carbs and unhealty food,there is no clean and healty food today everything is GMO based from fruit to meat, so if kid wants pancake give him a God damn pancake

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