Horse Diagnosed With Sinus Infection Goes On A Surgery

nikosbrihmaniPublished: December 26, 20161,454 views
Published: December 26, 2016

Recently, at the Equine Dental Clinic Ltd, doctors had a patient who was diagnosed with sinus infection. According to the veterinarians, the horses head is made up of air spaces, because if it was a solid bone it would be to heavy for them to run around and to carry it. So, because of that, their sinuses are much larger than ours.

But, there is a big problem when infection gets trapped and if it stays there for a long time, stuck, it might turn solid. That’s when the problems start, because in the end it might turn into a bone and the horse must be operated by a surgent.

The horse would be sedated (local anaesthesia) and while he is standing the surgent will take out the infection from the sinus. After that they will wait for him to recover and see if his head is lighter like it was before the infection started to spread.

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