Prairie Dog Eats Vanilla Wafer From Owners Lap For The First Time

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe all have heard of people who "fight like a cat and dog" and we have all seen the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. According to that, all of this makes us believe that cats and dogs don’t really like each other. As always there is an exception of this "rule" and a proof of that is this video. These animals were never thought to be domesticated and bond with people, however this video proves the contrary.

On average, these stout-bodied rodents will grow to be between 30 and 40 cm long, including the short tail, and weigh between 0.5 and 1.5 kilograms. These species divide into two categories. There is the black-tailed prairie dogs tend to be the least dangerous, and white-tailed prairie dogs tend to be the most dangerous, when it comes to their survival and predator instinct.

These little guys are very cute and have been found to be domesticated across the world. However, don't let their cute appearance and squishy face fool you since they are fine little predators. Some people have taken the risk of domesticating one of these little cuties, however the research has been done and what is to be expected is also known.

Although cute, they make challenging pets. Every year they go into a period called rut that can last for several months, in which their personalities can change drastically, often becoming defensive or aggressive. Check out this friendly prairie dog adorably tasting a vanilla wafer for the first time. Would you consider a prairie dog as a pet after seeing this?


  • Death_at_the_Door, 2 years ago

    not in Califoreignia almost anything is illegal as a pet ....

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  • ChristyB, 2 years ago

    So freaking cute

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  • Palaver, 2 years ago

    They sure don't grow these things in any prairies where I hang out!

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