Zayn Malik Proposes to Gigi Hadid! She Turned Him Down!

HollyscoopPublished: December 22, 20161 views
Published: December 22, 2016

Ok wait one second…. Are we going to have a Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik WEDDING in 2017!! Well, someone supposedly proposed! Um, ok so where’s the ring??? There was a proposal but there was no ring, and there’s no upcoming wedding. Why? Gigi turned Zayn down. But hold on. Does this mean that Zayn and Gigi broke up?? No no no. Here’s what happened. So, Zayn reportedly proposed to Gigi, but the supermodel said no way. Why? She felt the relationship was moving too fast! She “didn’t feel ready to get married. She’s only 21 and doesn’t feel ready to tie the knot, so she turned him down,” a source told life and style And honestly there are a few reasons why we don’t blame her one bit. I mean first of all, he’s 23 and she’s only 21. That’s WAAAAAY to young to get married, don’t you think? But also, there’s zany’s rocky relationship history. We probably don’t need to remind you of Zayn’s previous engagement to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards - or how it ended. Via text message. Yeah, we’re sure Gigi wants to avoid that mess. But Gigi also takes advice from her mother Yolanda Hadid when looking at relationships. She’s seen her mom go through two messy divorces, so Gigi wants to make 100 percent sure Zayn’s the one before she makes a lifetime commitment. Plus, Gigi and Zayn haven’t exactly had a roses and kittens relationship either. Remember, they’ve been on and off before. They broke up and got back together earlier this year. But hey. It’s a good sign that the young Hollywood couple didn’t break up when Gigi turned Zayn down. So we definitely wouldn’t’ count out a wedding for the future! But what do you think? Do you think Gigi should have taken the plunge? Or was she smart for waiting? You tell me in the comments below.

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