Kim Kardashian Has Lost MILLIONS During Social Media Absence

HollyscoopPublished: December 21, 201613 views
Published: December 21, 2016

Kim K has been out of the spotlight for nearly 3 months now, and, while we truly miss her, we bet her bank account is missing her the most. So exactly HOW much money has Kim lost since going MIA? Well, we don’t have scientific figures or anything, but sources say it’s a lot. So Kim was robbed and held at gunpoint in Paris at Paris fashion week back in October, and honestly we haven’t seen much of the reality star since. Kim was supposed to return to the spotlight… until her husband Kanye West was hospitalized for a mental breakdown. So Kim is still missing from events and social media. And her wallet is feeling the effects the most. Reportedly, a single Kim Kardashian Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post is worth about 300,000 dollars. That’s not including what she gets in sales from the products she promotes. Not to mention her public appearances surrounding those brands. And get this. Kim used to be sitting pretty as one of the most followed influencers in the WOLRD! And while she’s still in the top ten, she’s been dethroned in her absence. Selena Gomez currently holds the number one spot for most followed person on Instagram, followed by Taylor Swift. Kim has dropped to 7th place, and her price has dropped too. IF the mom was posting anything online for profit, her value has dropped to 250K. I mean, that’s certainly not pennies, but it’s a major drop-off. Experts estimate she’s lost about 3 million dollars since her robbery. Add that to her husband Kanye Canceling his entire world tour this week, and well there’s not much cash rolling in! So are Kim and Kanye going to go broke??? And more importantly, have you missed Kim’s influence on social media? Let me know in the comment section below.

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