Kylie Jenner's Boobs Keeping Getting Bigger! Plastic Surgery?

HollyscoopPublished: December 21, 2016757 views
Published: December 21, 2016

Another day, another plastic surgery rumor for Kylie Jenner! Man, this gal can’t catch a break! Although, have you seen her latest pics? We’re not gonna jump on the boob job bandwagon or anything, but Kylie’s latest photos have us scratching our heads - much like many of her fans who absolutely yelled plastic surgery! Ok, so here are the pics that’s got everyone freaking out! Kylie posted these photos of herself on Instagram covered up, but CLEARLY showing off some major changes in her body. I mean, these things are huge!!! And we’re not the only ones who noticed! One fan likened her breasts to watermelons while another pleaded, “Admit it! You got a boob jon! those boobs look bigger than ever! those fakes are going to explode soon.” And we do have to say…. after looking at some before and after photos, Kylie’s chest DOES look like it’s gone through a bit of a change. See this photo from a few months ago? And here’s a snap from her recent calendar shoot. Yeah….. there’s quite a difference wouldn’t you say? But here’s the deal. Kylie has claimed over and over again that she did NOT have a boob job. Twice this year actually. On her website Kylie answered the never ending plastic surgery questions and she said nope. “No people, I haven’t gotten breast implants, she said. truth is, as i’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I’ve definitely filled out. “ And the reality star even admitted that her more voluptuous figure was due to….. well, natural causes. Kylie tweeted back to a fan who asked about her boobs. “TMI,” she wrote. “But it’s that time of the month. They will deflate soon and it will be a sad day.” So no boob job for Kylie Jenner, just great genes I guess. But what do you think? Need I remind you, she denied denied denied her lip fillers for MONTHS before finally coming clean? Do you think she’s also hiding a boob job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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