French Bulldog Barks And Growls Every Time She Sees Toy Shark

sharkandbuldogPublished: December 18, 2016Updated: December 21, 2016402,065 views
Published: December 18, 2016Updated: December 21, 2016

What a hilarious video! While cleaning up her son's bath toys, this women noticed that her 3-year-old French Bulldog named Swayze did not like the toy shark at all. As she starts filming again, we get to see Swayze's priceless reaction, so funny! As Swayze is outside the bathroom, behind the closed door, her owner shows us the shark toy that Swayze doesn't like one bit. It has a moveable fin which opens the mouth of the shark, looking like it is about to bite you. This is probably what she doesn't like, she might think it is an actual shark!

As her owner opens the door, she shows Swayze the shark and moves the fin up and down. Immediately Swayze starts to growl and jump and down, she is going nuts! For quite some time, she won't go anywhere near the toy shark and continues to bark like crazy. When her owner places the toy shark on the ground, she slowly approaches it, even without it making noise, Swayze still doesn't like it! She must have a really big fear of sharks! Don't worry Swayze, it isn't real! Her reactions are hilarious! What a funny video!

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