Horse uses woman's head for a pillow

nikosbrihmaniPublished: December 17, 2016Updated: December 18, 20162,355 views
Published: December 17, 2016Updated: December 18, 2016

You might have heard of a cat nap, but have you ever heard of a horse nap?
Lisa Brown was out in her fields when her horse Jimmy lay on the ground for a snooze. Brown sat down beside him, and he leaned on her, causing her to flop onto the ground.

In the video, he comfortably places his head on Brown's, making her a "human pillow." Brown giggles and obviously loves her horse's affectionate and silly side. He even tries to lick her face, sending her into giggles.

Hopefully he doesn't drool!

“Jimmy has a very peaceful nature, but he’s also a comic genius!” said Brown about his antics.

Not all horses are so friendly or careful with their humans. People should take great caution when interacting with sleeping horses, especially because their legs can deliver a powerful kick. According to Way of the Horse, one of the best and safest methods of showing your horse some love is to stand quietly with it and allow it to sniff and nuzzle you. When it comes to many horses, it is best to "make our desires requests rather than demands," meaning that nose-grabbing, hugging or snuggling may not be the best way to bond with your horse. A simple pat and soft-spoken words are sufficient.

Watch Jimmy's silly nap time below:

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