Kylie Jenner's CRAZY STRICT Rules for Her Pop Up Shop

HollyscoopPublished: December 16, 2016176 views
Published: December 16, 2016

Kylie Jenner’s first ever store opened up in Los Angeles last week and fans are SUPER excited! At least they were… Apparently, there are a few rules you have to follow if you want to enter Kylie’s lair. Rules for entering the shop? Oh you better believe it! Kylie doesn’t play around, people. So by now, you’ve probably seen these pics from Kylie’s pop-up shop. This store is kind of a big deal. I mean look at the lines!!! In the first week fans were reportedly waiting up to 10 hours to step inside Kylie’s shop! Yes, 10 HOURS!! And people came to California from literally everywhere. Check out these Kylie Jenner fans who flew all the way from New Jersey just to step inside the store! Now that’s dedication! But all that commitment came with the price of discomfort for those fans who were waiting. Take a look at the Kylie shop rules. So about that 10 hour wait to get into the store, hopefully those people brought coffee because the rules explicitly say, NO sitting in line. You must stand at all times. And you’re not allowed to leave the line either - no matter what! Bathroom break? Nope! The rules say, once you receive a wristband, you CANNOT LEAVE THE LINE. If you must leave the line for any reason once reciting the wristband, you will need to return to the back of the line. Harsh, right? And that’s all BEFORE you actually get into the store. Once you’re inside, shopping comes with strict rules too. Like, you only have 20 minutes to peruse the store, the WHOLE store! That’s barely enough time to pick up a lip kit or two, never mind take advantage of primo Instagram spots. Seriously, everybody looks fantastic in this store! Oh, and get this. There aren’t prices on ANY of the items! You don’t know what you’re paying until the card’s been swiped! So did all these crazy rules keep people away? Not one bit. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I waited 10 hours to get in the store but it was worth it.” Another showed off her purchases. “I just did so much damage in the Kylie Jenner pop up shop. #sorrynotsorry.” And if you need even more proof, just take another look at that massive line again. So what do you think of Kylie’s crazy rules for her pop up shop? Nuts or normal? Let us know in the comments below.

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