A Joy Story Christmas With Adam & Jared - Family Traditions With Love!

LifeStyleInspirationPublished: December 15, 201622 views
Published: December 15, 2016

This is Adam and Jared's first christmas as an engaged couple. And of course that means they had big plans! "Originally we had this grand plan to cut down our own tree" said Jared... "do something really cute, bring some hot chocolate for the road" finished Adam.

But that wasn't quite how it turned out, "Long story short, six hours later...we got our Charlie Brown tree from Lowe's", Jared confesses.

Adam and Jared go on to tell us why Christmas is special to them.

"I have a big family and we all get together do this big Christmas party. It's like something out of a Hallmark movie." explained Jared.

"There's something about being so kind and the whole act of doing for others, it's always been by far my favorite holiday for that very reason...My parents still buy presents as if I was 8-years-old... It's a very special day" adds Adam.

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