Pig Saved From Meat Industry Becomes An Artist

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Published: December 14, 2016

Everyone, meet Pigcasso. The adorable piggy was rescued from the meat industry and is now living the best bohemic life on Cape Coast - as an artist. According to her owner, Joanne Lefson, the 45-pound pig is rarely seen without a paintbrush in her snout and spends most of her time at her easel.

“Pigs on today’s industrialised factory farms are kept in merciless conditions deliberately hidden from public view,” says Joanne. “If consumers could see inside, they would think twice about bringing home the bacon. Breeding sows are confined in narrow cages for life, while their offspring are raised for pork and kept in filthy, overcrowded conditions…with no straw, no access to the outdoors and no quality of life.”

After Joanne rescued the sow, she tried to entertain her new pet with a variety of activities, before the pig showed an interest in painting. Armed with piggy treats and a technique called clicker training, Joanne taught her piglet how to paint. Now, Pigcasso can paint with long brush strokes, knows how to dip her brush in the paint and how to apply it to her canvas.

She even signs her work, by dipping the tip of her snout in paint and printing it on the canvas. Her owner plans on selling Pigcasso’s artwork to raise money for her charity called Farm Sanctuary SA, which raises awareness of the plight of farm animals and hopes to advocate change and encourage better living conditions for them. She even plans to host an exhibition of Picasso’s work early in 2017.

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