Pop Champagne with SCIENCE

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Published: December 14, 2016

Science is a cool subject to explore, but some of the experiments just aren't safe to do at your own home. That is why the Internet is filled with videos of both professionals and enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of safety as they demonstrate various science experiments, so you don't have to!

Cue Kevin Kohler a.k.a. TheBackyardScientist! What would we do if it weren't for him? The guy has shown us how magnesium burns and whether you can put it out, he has even got on the fidget spinner craze train and showed us what a rocket powered fidget spinner looks like. These experiments of his were quite dangerous, so it is better to just open TheBackyardScientist channel here on https://rumble.com and watch them from the safety of your own couch.

This video is somewhat safer, though it might hit you on the pocketbook pretty hard. Kevin uses an ultrasonic cleaning device to see how various fizzy drinks will react, in comparison to, say the Coke and Mentos experiment. The ultrasonic cleaner creates bubbles through a process called cavitation, and the bubbles together with the mechanical vibrations in the water lift the dirt from the objects immersed, thus cleaning them. In fizzy fluids, however, it causes the CO2 to release quicker than normal, which in turn creates the canon effect.

After a few tries with the open soda bottles, the time came for Kevin to test how the ultrasonic cleaner will open a bottle of champagne. Looks like the bottle was sitting in the heat of the sun for too long, so the first one didn't even get to be submerged in the cleaner. The second one almost got in the water, but the third one endured for nearly half a second, before popping the cork with incredible speed and bursting the delicious contents of the bottle up in the air.

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He has some really cool stuff!!

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