Small boy sits atop horse and holds reins for one inspiring reason

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Published: December 11, 2016

We all know that horses are good for humans. They help us relieve stress; they build our confidence, and they teach us endless lessons about riding and life. But for some riding students, riding matters even more than you might imagine.
This video showcases the many reasons why therapeutic riding matters so much to the riders. Therapeutic riding is useful for people who have mental or physical conditions. From conditions like cerebral palsy to people coping with balance issues or arthritis, there are countless ways that therapeutic riding can be used to help a rider.Therapeutic riding can build a rider's strength, and the movement of the horse can help riders to gain control over areas of their body that they might not otherwise be able to move. Riding enhances a rider's balance, while the emotional connection a rider makes with the horse can also have a healing effect. And don't forget about the confidence that a rider builds - there's nothing better to instill confidence than being able to control a 1,000-pound animal with the touch of a finger.
According to CATRA, therapeutic riding provides a threefold effect, offering physical, psychological, and social benefits to the riders. What is often overlooked is the fact that therapeutic riding provides an important social benefit to both the riders and their families. Families may feel isolated in dealing with a rider's conditions, but therapeutic riding is very much a group and social activity. Many therapeutic riding programs heavily involve family participation in events, giving the family a sense of community and belonging.
Is it any wonder that therapeutic riding is so incredible? If you know of a local program, consider volunteering to help this worthwhile cause.

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