Little girl rides on horseback. Her reaction is beyond adorable

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Rumble / Babies & KidsCan you remember your first pony ride? For some children, it can be a scary experience, but others take to it naturally. This little girl? Something tells us she was born to be in the saddle. She is absolutely thrilled with her pony ride, and just watch her reaction when the pony starts to trot! Priceless!
While it certainly looks like this young equestrian has a bright future ahead of her, some children don't take to horses quite as naturally. In such cases, you will need to do some work to build your child's confidence around horses. According to Horse Channel, you can start to build a positive association with horses in your child by sharing photos and videos of horses with your child. This can help to build your child's interest, preparing them to see the animals in real life.

Next, think about visiting a barn or heading to a horse show together. Such an outing gives your child a chance to see horses close up, but to also see riders positively interacting with horses and having a good time.
Pony rides can be a good way to introduce your child to the act of riding. They're short and done under close supervision, which can help to build your child's confidence. Plus, ponies are a little closer to your child's size, so he or she may be a little less intimidated.
To round out your child's introduction to horses, consider enrolling yourself and your child in a parent-child horse camp. These camps provide plenty of education about horses, plus riding opportunities, but your child will have the reassurance of having you nearby.
Above all else, remember that every child is different. Some children adore riding right from the start, while others need some time to build their confidence. It's best to support your child and encourage him or her to give riding a good try. You'll likely find that as your child becomes more confident, they start to look forward to riding more and more.