Make Good Use Of Your Drinking Straws With These Tips

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Published: December 9, 2016

We all have them sitting around in our houses. But did you know that drinking straws can do so much more than just act as a path for your beverage? Keep watching to check out how you can squeeze every bit of usefulness from them.

Wanna make a dispenser from a two quart drink bottle? Take the cap off the bottle and make a straw-sized hole in the center. Connect three straws together by bending and inserting them inside one another. Pull the mega straw through the hole, making sure it gets as close to the bottom of the bottle as possible. Then, attach it to the neck of the bottle with a rubber band, making sure it doesn’t cut off the flow. Then just squeeze the bottle!

Why bother squeezing the honey bottle or buying pre-packaged honey sticks, when you can make them at home? Seal the end shut of a straw by melting it over an open flame. Hold the end with pliers to make sure of a good seal. Then, fill the straw up with your desired amount of the sweet nectar, cut a bit above that line and seal it again. You will end up with a nice little honey packet that is perfect for a single serving. You can use this same method for anything from spices and toothpaste for your Travels!

Speaking of travels, you can keep your shaving razor safe by making a makeshift razor cover out of a straw. Cut a portion that will fit the razor, then cut it open lengthwise. Then just slide it over the blades and your razor is good to go.

Colorful straws make perfect cable labels! Use the same method as with the razor, just make sure you write a label on each piece to know which cable goes where!

If you are out of bag clips, straws will do the trick just fine. Take two and cut only one of them lengthwise. Wrap the open end of a bag around the uncut straw and use the one that you did cut to seal it in place. Fresh chips for longer!

Be sure to share this compilation with your friends to make their lives that much easier. Enjoy!

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