Gigi Hadid is Quitting Social Media

HollyscoopPublished: December 8, 201611 views
Published: December 8, 2016

Gigi Hadid is following in many other celebs' footsteps and is taking a much needed break from social media. And we’re not happy about it. First Justin, then Selena, then Kim, then Demi! SO MANY celebs have broken up with social media this year, and in turn broke our hearts. And now Gigi Hadid is following suit. The supermodel just gained quite the accolade nabbing the British Fashion Council’s Model of the year award - a HUGE honor in the industry. This was after her successful walk on the Victoria's Secret runway, her numerous magazine covers, her countless ad campaigns. I mean, it’s no wonder this girl is model of the year. But even models need a little break, apparently, which is why Gigi is saying goodbye to social media. The 21-year-old chatted with fans, and showed off her impeccable abs, at the Reebok Perfect Never campaign launch in NYC yesterday. She revealed she will stay off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat for a month. "At the end of the day, I’m choosing what I’m showing you," she told People Style. "A lot of the world feels so much entitlement into other people’s lives, which is so crazy and so new for human beings." We never had that. Gigi is hoping to take her little breakup to the next level by sharing her break with her fans, which she hopes will stick around after her hiatus. "If you still want to be supportive and still follow me, i’m so grateful for that," she said. "I really want to still pay most of the attention to my job as a craft and not lose the art in it. I want to go back to focusing on that kind of relationship within fashion when I go to work for the next month." And Gigi encouraged everyone to take a step back this holiday season and stay off their phones. Its not only for people in the spotlight, it’s for everyone! Are you sad that Gigi is pulling a Selena Gomez and getting off social media? Or are you going to take her lead and throw away your phone in the new year? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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