The Borrower Is Servent To The Lender - Part 1: The Truth Revealed (Laframboise Security Covenant)

LaframboiseCovenantPublished: December 5, 2016
Published: December 5, 2016

The Borrower Is Servent To The Lender - Part 1: The Truth Revealed

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(How to reedeem one-self from a debt based double-entry bookkeeping vertical fiction matrix system based on profit)

A single entry (accounting-assets and liabilities) system used by merchants in commerce over the centuries was used when the sharing of and the transferring of true-assets were done with no usury.

It is a well-known fact today that all forms of PROFIT is usury. This profit/usury system is the prison that society and social behaviors are based on with the double-entry bookkeeping system. The webiste evidences how principal is used and how the PRINCIPAL is used to maintain control through the title to property.

The important message is that PRINCIPAL is the key, not profits. Kept secrets regarding profits of all forms shall be brought to light. The secrets are made known evidencing how accounting and finance are used today on society. This is being brought forward in order to evidence kept secrets of accounting and finance. Finance today is programed in the population through an ECONONIC LABORATORY.

►►►►►►►► THE COVENANT ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

Universal living trust utilizing true value redeemed from being franchisee for the corporatocracy.

Laframboise-Security-Covenant (The Covenant) is a revocable living trust using the true United States Of America dollar the “True U.S.A. dollar” - money unit as defined in law as per the Coinage Act of the year 1792. The True U.S.A. dollar is expressed in definitive form and is a redeemable registered guarantee certificate for the purpose of serving human needs and social programs.

The Covenant’s PUBLIC NOTICE (► and Redemption process REBUTS THE DEBT LIMIT PUBLIC NOTICE ISSUED BY Mr. Jacob L. Lew aka Jack Lew, United States Secretary of the Treasury, on March, 15 2015.

PLEDGING THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES for the redemption of its securities issued through the Department of the Treasury and endorsed by the Treasurer of the United States for federal reserve Notes is no longer a solution.

The Covenant rebuts this pledging of the people of the united states for the redemption of its securities issued through the Department of the Treasury and through its treasurer.

The Covenant’s Public Notice and redemption process rebuts the Debt Public Notice issued by Mr. Jacob Lew because the assets of The Covenant provides for the redemption through a Standard of Exchange for the United States securities issued through the Department of the Treasury.

This removes the burden of the people of the united states pledged for the redemption of its issued securities through the united States Department of the Treasury.



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- Journey to the Sun (Stellardrone)
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