Incredible Arrival Of Twin Male Foals

nikosbrihmaniPublished: December 4, 20162,197 views
Published: December 4, 2016

Students from the Oregon State University, who are future veterinarians, had a chance to see the coming of twin foals, and that is not an everyday scene! It’s such a rare thing, because the chance to see twin foals born alive is so small and the chances for them surviving the first weeks is even smaller.

Dr. John Schlipf said that, although he is doing his job for decades, this was his second time to witness this kind of miracle. They welcomed the twin foals, Mocha and Cappuccino.

The twin male foals couldn’t take the appropriate care from their mother and that’s why they didn’t receive the amount of colostrum as they should. Because of that, the hospital gave its best to provide them with antibiotics, TLC and plasma.

Mocha had to be under a medical treatment, because he was suffering from angular limb deformity. He is smaller from Cappuccino, who turned out to be very adventurous and free spirit foal.

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