Twiggy – A Horse Rescue Story

nikosbrihmani Published December 3, 2016 1,727 Plays $5.01 earned

Rumble Twiggy was being re-fed with extensive amounts of grain as well as grass. She was being fed responsibly and obviously the amount was gradually increased over time. She had also received herbal and massage treatments.

Her owners did not know enough about horses and allowed her to go from very good condition when they bought her to getting very thin and unhealthy. We were trying to re-feed her in Winter which is always tough and I suspect that there was a worsening of her pelvis issues while she was with Sarah.

To the person who commented on my training.. They are CORRECT, I should not have let Twiggy change direction but my facilities were not up to the job and it was difficult to do everything the way I would have liked. In this instance I wanted her to face up to me and not turn her bum on me (respect). My makeshift round yard meant that she could sometimes get away with things I ideally would not have allowed.

It is called a ‘horse rescue story’ to highlight the fact that not all “rescuers” (or those that call themselves that) are positive or that perhaps not any and all horses should in fact be rescued.

To those that have called me a murderer… I would much, much, much rather that Twiggy died a quick death than a slow death starving to death in a paddock somewhere. It is not a good thing to say that a horse can only have a right to quality of life if they are ‘useful’ and on principal I believe that all animals have a right to life and to be cared for.

HOWEVER, in reality horses that have no ‘use’ to humans very often end up being neglected and starved and forgotten about in a back paddock. I have seen it many, many times. Here in Australia if a horse is not rideable and is going to cost the earth to feed and keep healthy… It is nigh on impossible to find them a good, loving home. I applaud those that are able to rescue and keep older and infirm horses and pay for their feed and drugs – that’s great and they have certainly landed on their hooves.

However for me, asking someone to take on an infirm horse that is going to cost them $1000’s over the course of that horses lifetime is simply unethical and asking for trouble. I asked around people that I knew and trusted but no-one could be found for her. I could not keep her as I was contravening my lease simply by having her on the property for the short time that I did… And I could not a afford a third horse. I have already made a commitment to my retired 23 year old Standardbred to keep him in grass, hay and food and as healthy as possible until his last days.. Which will be with me.


  • Bifida, 2 years ago

    God Bless You Sarah for all you did for Twiggy. May this poor darling creature be now resting in God's loving arms. I know you lost a very dear "family member" as animals are family to me, and I believe, with all you did and tried to do, they are to you as well. Your world will be lost forever, I understand but, please think of Twiggy in Heaven. This horse will never have to suffer again. May God Bless you and Twiggy and the people who attempted to help you.

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