Ten Innocent Photos That Have A Terrifying Backstory To Tell

RobDykePublished: December 2, 2016Updated: December 9, 20161,040 views
Published: December 2, 2016Updated: December 9, 2016

In this countdown we present you ten seemingly innocent photos that actually have horrifying backstories to tell. A photo tells a story, but it doesn’t often tell the whole story. What you think is an innocent photo may turn out to be something much worse.

In August 20, 1975 was a picturesque day for California. This didn’t stop siblings Michael, Mary and Shaun from venturing to the top of the rock. The mountain views were postcard worthy, so when Mary was about to take a picture of her brothers, something very strange happened.
Michael and Shaun’s hair stood on end as the air charged with electricity.

The boy’s very amused by this unusual phenomenon, but suddenly hail fell from the sky and the teenagers noticed the gathering dark clouds. The electricity lasted for only a moment, but the siblings felt like it lasted for hours. It mostly struck Shaun who lied on the ground unconscious. Though Michael was injured he carried his unconscious brother back to safety.

However, the devastation was far from over. Shaun didn’t wake up for six more months and suffered third degree burns and tragically in 1989, over a decade later, he commited suicide.

In addition, they were not the only victims that day, the bolt struck seven other hikers, leaving several injured and one dead. The photograph of the smiling boys served as a warning about the dangers of lightning and a reminder that mother nature’s ways are unpredictable and often deadly.

Proceed the other nine strange photos and discover the mystery behind them. Have you ever snapped a picture and found something odd about it afterwards?

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