Talented Horse Plays Piano

nikosbrihmaniPublished: December 1, 2016Updated: December 2, 20162,038 views
Published: December 1, 2016Updated: December 2, 2016

Sapphire the horse has an extremely surprising talent. She is a genuine virtuoso when it comes to playing the keyboard. And it doesn’t matter AT ALL that she doesn’t have any hands or fingers! She can still play a lovely sonata.

The only difference is, Sapphire uses her nimble lips to tickle the keys on the piano. Somehow, Sapphire was unknowingly introduced to a random keyboard, and amazingly, she knew just what to do with it. She lowered her nose right down on the keys and began playing!

Her owner couldn’t believe what was going on right there in front of her eyes. The talented horse began playing note after note and she was completely enthralled by the lovely sounds that came from the instrument!

Now, I only recently found out that horses are actually musically-inclined creatures. In a study conducted by researchers at Hartpury College in England, scientists found out that horses are, in fact, very responsive to classical and country music.

They watched horses’ behavior after they had listened to music for about 30 minutes, and typically, they noticed that the horses were more inclined to eat quietly, which is a behavior that shows that they are calm and happy. Horses that didn’t listen to music didn’t exhibit the same behavior while eating.

Sapphire doesn’t just love listening to music, she also has a natural flair and feel for the keys. She investigates the keyboard and listens to the notes from lowest to highest. She even knows when the sound gets better. Sapphire’s playing could just be her own substitute for classical and country music.

It might not sound like a traditionally beautiful song, but that’s only because Sapphire is what I like to call an ARTISTIC GENIUS and you just can’t put her musical creativity in a box! She enjoys listening to her own lovely music, and who could blame her? It’s wonderful!

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