They Goofed All The Way… Making The Spectacular Spectacularly Funny!

nikosbrihmaniPublished: December 1, 20165,724 views
Published: December 1, 2016

Watch the video below and try to explain is it true or fake the thing that happened.

Everyone knows those two guys in the video, Dan and Dan, they are famous because they are remarkable showmen. The have a lot of experience with well trained horses, but as we can see from the video trouble can find anybody.Most of you will wonder if the “trouble” is part of the show, but it’s hard to find out! The two showmen are so good in their job, that you can not recognize how serious the situation is! With their great sense of humor they are capable to control every situation. So, are the horses really out of control?!

Guess what happened at the end of the video and please leave a comment below. It will be fun for everybody to share their opinion and see what others think.

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