Need to Know Facts About Draft Pulls

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Published: November 29, 2016

When you watch a horse pulling competition, which is a draft horses event, you are under the impression that the horses are strong enough to move a mountain. Draft horses pulls are amazing and impressive and here are some facts that you must know!A draft pull is a competition where horses temas compete. The point is to see which team has the strongest drafts as a team. They compete in rounds as they follow a draw order. At the end of each round a weight is added. Those who can not pull the load are out of the game. Also the teamsters can decide to pull out their draft team if they feel like their team have had enough for the day.
Draft teams are hooked to a dynamometer or a boat. What’s the difference? A boat is a big flat-bottomed sled which is loaded with weight, usually concrete blocks and it’s pulled by the team back and forth on the track. When pulling a boat, most often they start with a weight around 1700 pounds. Unlike the boat, the dynamometer is a machine which can modify the number of weight resistance which match up with the power of the draft team. An average pull is with a typical load of 4500 pounds.
In the pulling ring, most common horses taht you will see are Belgians. In the United States you can also see Percherons.
At this kind of competitions, draft teams are divided into weight classes which are defined before the contest begins. There is a weigh-in session before the start where the teams are classified. Under 3000 pounds are lightweights.
The draft horses which are used for pulling contest are not used for farm work or any kind of work. They only get well trained in order to stay limber and well-muscled. To dig deeper and grip the dirt of the ground, they are shod with pulling caulks or studs.
Watch the video below, where a draft pull team from Ontario, Canada, pulls out an amount of 18 000 pounds, but still outside of the arena they are just being gentle “giants”.

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