Living In Herds Protects Wild Horses

nikosbrihmaniPublished: November 29, 20161,049 views
Published: November 29, 2016

According to history, mustangs (wild horses) were brought to America far back in 1500s by Spanish explorers who came to america in that period. Because the horses felt uncomfortable with their owners they found their freedom into the wild. Until today, they have been roaming in many parts of this land and they’ve been seen a lot of times, for example in the Pryor Mountains.

Mustangs are socialized animals and the live in herds. Most often those herds are led by a single male called stallion. There are only female members in the herd and foals. Younger males can leave the herd after they turn up 2 years and then they can form their own herd.On their food menu, they have grasses and leaves. They don’t play together, but if they do, most of the time it ends up with a fight. The herd is always led by a stallion and a mare (older female). If the herds are threatened or in danger, they blend together and in that case they are led by the most expirienced stallion, usually someone who is more then 6 years old. When danger comes, the mare tryies to take the herd on a safety place, while the stallion protects the herd.

This wild horses can even get 40 years old, that’s how much they can live up! They always manage to survive, because they live in a herd and that’s how they protect themselves.

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