First Tweed Horse Suit

Published November 29, 2016 73 Plays $0.17 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAt this year’s Cheltenham Festival, Sir Anthony McCavoy presented for the first time a Harris Tweed suit designed for a horse. This especially designed horse suit, features three parts- shirt, tie and a cap and it’s modelled by veteran race horse Morestead.

This 20 time champion jockey and a Cheltenham Gold Cup champion on two occasions, walked during this annual festival with Morestead. The remarkable Harris Tweed suit was created in order to celebrate the start of the 2016 Cheltenham Festival.This horse outfit was commissioned by bookmaker William Hill. He tasked Emma Sandham King, who is a former Alexander McQueen apprentice. It took her a month to create this amazing suit for Morestead. For her it was a big chalenge to do such project, because she never did something like that since she started her career as a designer. For the head turning fashion garment, they’ve used 20 metres of genuine Harris Tweed.

Emma claimed that it was a big pleasure to work with Morestead, because he was perfectly calm and collaborative. At this Cheltenham Festival people will see the most tweed worn since 1960’s and that’s a massive revival. Watch the video below and see how Morestead shows his new Harris Tweed suit!