This 7-Year-Old Helps Children In Need With Her Amazing Art!

Published November 29, 2016

Rumble While most young kids are looking forward to playing with friends or going to birthday parties, this 7-year-old is working to help others. Maia Bastianelli is an artist who is using her artwork to raise money for children with disabilities. "Maia is extremely giving and has such a huge heart", said Mikki Doling, Maia's Grandmother.

Grandma Mikki has been involved with Daystar, a pediatric care/respite center for children with various health concerns for many years. It is the only organization that helps transition kids with special healthcare needs from hospital to home. "When I heard about what my Grandma was doing, I wanted to do something to help them too" proclaimed Maia.

With a goal of raising $10,000, Maia has been diligently creating and selling her artwork to help the Daystar Kids. Way to go, Maia!!