This Horse Had An Amazing Recovery Thanks To It’s Owner

Published November 28, 2016 1,221 Plays $4.65 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWhen going out on a ride with your horse, the last expected thing is that, that might be your last ride together. But, that’s exactly what happened with Taylor Surgeon and her horse Paula. Sadly, a terrible accident happened and Paula was caught under paddock fence. Somehow, with a help from the barn owner, Taylor managed to set Paula free by breaking the fence, but it was to late. Nothing could be done, because Paula couldn’t rise up.

Immediately Taylor called the vet, who examined the horse’s back legs. According to him, they weren’t injured, but still weren’t functional. The fact was that Paula’s spine have been injured in the moment of the accident and it had to be under a medical treatment.After a while there wasn’t any improvement, despite the medical care and there weren’t any chances that Paula would walk again. People advised Taylor to put Paula down as the kindest thing that she could do.

Regardless of all the advices, Taylor decided not to give up! Paula was brought back to her stall on a big wood slab and was given three days to stand up. A big battle was in front of Paula, she stood up again in the first 24 hours. Paula’s recovery was very long, but together with her owner they won every suspicion. The results were amazing! Both of them really got the key to success, just watch the video.


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    What an amazing story, so well put together and never giving up, that's what saved this young filly. I admire your stamina, Taylor, you proved your love for Paula and Paula repaid you in kind. What a heartwarming event, two of you showing your love for each other. God Bless.

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