Sassy Toddlers Tell Greedy Dad Off In Hilarious Hunger Fueled Rant

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Published: November 23, 2016

These sassy twin sisters are not happy with their greedy dad after finding out that he’s eaten all their goldfish.

Ava and Alexis McClure, aged three, from West Orange, New Jersey, USA erupt into a frenzied state of disbelief at how ‘not nice’ their devious dada Justin has been while they were at pre-school.

With several fierce diva-like head wobbles, the two girls berate Justin and his selfish ways for several minutes, declaring that instead of stealing their Goldfish treats, he should stick to ‘eating salads’. Why should he eat a salad, you ask? Because he is a boy, duh!

But the heartbreak doesn’t stop there! Apparently, dad was so hungry that he even ate all of their muffins too! Oh, the drama. Alexis is first to react, telling mom that he will put Daddy in the guestroom, for being so mean.

The conclusion is the following - since mom buys all the food in their house, dad isn’t supposed to eat any of the food she buys. Mom Takes Ave and Alexis with her grocery shopping and dad never comes, so he doesn’t get to eat any of it. It is pretty simple, really.

These twin girls are so adorable! You just have to see the way they react when they realize they look exactly alike! But when they learn that Ava is one minute older, her sister Lexi starts to have a meltdown. Not to mention the heartbreak she gets when she learns that she is even an inch shorter than her sister. Oh, man...

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    They are so cute