Woman and bear casually enjoy breakfast together

Published November 22, 2016 187,445 Views $72.14 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsIt's not everyday you see someone sharing a meal with a deadly wild animal, but here we are! This big guy just wanted a companion to eat a meal with. Watch as they casually share a meal together, while this lady feeds him with a spoon. The bear even gives her a kiss. That's unreal! They are even close enough to the point where the lady can safely pet him and show him her affection. What an amazing breakfast buddy!

This goes to show you that members of any species can come from all parts of the aggressive spectrum, with some being gentle while others have the potential to be deadly. With that being said, your safety is always paramount and you should always be extremely cautious when dealing with potentially dangerous animals, bears especially. It'd probably best to just not to engage them in any fashion.

This gentle giant just wanted some company for a meal. He's got to love the food that the lady is giving him, as well as the affection that she is showing him.

Watch this woman and a bear enjoy a breakfast together!

Credit to @svetlanko69