Girl With Cerebral Palsy Dances Without Her Walker For The First Time

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Published: November 21, 2016

This brave little girl may need a walker to get around, but that did not stop her from dancing her little heart out, with the help of some friends!

Taylor Florence is a 6-year-old girl born with cerebral palsy. In a video posted on YouTube, Taylor got out of her walker and into a brand new invention, to dance to her favorite song “I Knew You Were Trouble” by her namesake Taylor Swift, with a little help from her mom Dana.

“It was so beautiful,” the mom told The Huffington Post. She adds that this incredible invention allows her daughter to “move in ways that she never moved before,” such as side-to-side and forward and back. It is called the Firefly Upsee, a creation by another mother who has a child with cerebral palsy. Inspired by the way any parent would teach their child to dance - on their own feet. The difference here is that instead of facing the child towards the parent, the Firefly Upsee turns the child to the front, with their feet between the adult’s legs.

Dana is a co-founder of Three To Be, a charitable foundation based in Toronto, aiming to help children with neurological disorders. She received a trial version of the Upsee to try out with her triplets, all of whom have cerebral palsy. The device enables kids with neurological disorders to move in sync with their parents, even show off their dance skills, just like little taylor did in this video.
Taylor Florence and her mother Dana, dancing to Taylor's favorite song “I Knew You Were trouble” by Taylor Swift. This incredible girl is using the new #Firefly #Upsee - This was the first time Taylor was able to move side to side, forward and back and dance without her walker! Just incredible!!!! #taylorswift #threetobe

Credit to 'THREE TO BE'.

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      debdeb · 2 years ago

      Just look at that beautiful smile! She's having so much fun! What a loving and dedicated mom =)