After Hunters Rescued A Baby Elephant From The Mud, It Turned On Them

Caters_NewsPublished: November 16, 2016Updated: November 17, 201611,975 views
Published: November 16, 2016Updated: November 17, 2016

When we see an animal in trouble, we instinctively want to help and save him. But, not every animal lets you do your good samaritan job. It’s pretty hard to do it, especially if the animal is bigger than you. Some even don’t want to be saved, like this elephant, for example.

Professional photo guide Norman Crooks was accompanying a group of conservation students in Chirundu, Zimbabwe, when they discovered the baby.

"A member of the National Parks and Wildlife went out on a game drive with conservation students and discovered an elephant, less than three-years-old, stuck in the mud a couple of hundred meters away. Her mother was standing nearby, and was exhausted as she had been trying to get the youngster out all night." said Norman.

A group of hunters immediately abandoned their buffalo hunt and went to help, as from experience they know that when animals get stuck they may not survive. So, they got themselves into a sticky situation and tried to rescue the baby elephant from the mud.

After discovering the trapped young animal stuck up to its neck in a muddy puddle, the buffalo hunters decided to turn their hand to conservation. The first thing they did was pouring water over the youngster to cool him off, which seemed to revive him. The elephant was quite aggressive, so they attached a rope to the winch on their jeep and started pulling slowly. At the end the hunters managed to pull the baby elephant out with the help of their jeep.

However, they were in for a shock when the ungrateful elephant decided to turn on them. After hauling it to its feet with a rope, the hunters were forced to turn and flee when the stressed animal shaped up to charge them. Fortunately the rescuers were able to get out of the way before they or the elephant was hurt.

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