Born To Die – Last Chance Corral Is Giving These Foals A Life

nikosbrihmaniPublished: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 20162,882 plays$11.96 earned
Published: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 2016

The foals that you will see in this video are called Nurse Mare Foals. It’s a shocking story, how the mare gives birth of them, so that she could produce milk, which it’s used for thoroughbred baby in case of need (if that baby loses its mother). So, this foals are putted away from their mother, because she gets another adopted baby.Victoria found out about this sad story 18 years ago and then she established Last Chance Corral, where she takes care for this tossed aside baby horses. She tries to learn them how to drink milk replacement and she is doing everything to find them a proper home.

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