Elise Rehearses Her Show With Her 12 Arabians… I Am In Awe!

nikosbrihmaniPublished: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 20161,166 views
Published: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 2016

If you are a horse lover, you must watch the video below! And it’s not even a show, it’s only a rehearsal.

Just look at the strong bond between Elise Verdoncq and those 12 beautiful Arabian horses. This beautiful white horses are not the hyper types as we have seen on TV and it seems like there is a special language between them and Elise.At one point, you’ll even think that the rehearsal is even better than the real show, because everybody is so calm, there is no pressure among them, no costumes it’s all spontaneous and natural. Elise is so gentle in her moves and her body cues are just stunning!

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