Munchkin Dressed Up As Wonder Woman For Halloween And We All Want Her As Our Protector

MunchkintheTeddyBearPublished: November 6, 201692 views
Published: November 6, 2016

Halloween isn’t for humans anymore! Watch out, Gal Gadot, there’s a new Wonder Woman in town and her name is - MUNCHKIN!

The pooch became an instant Internet celebrity when her owner Cindy Roth sacrificed a teddy bear to the gods of the Internet in order to create an outfit that will transform her 14-inch-tall puppy into a living, breathing teddy bear for Halloween in 2014! Since then, the tiny pooch has been taking the Internet by storm, each of the videos featuring Munchkin in her teddy bear outfits garnered millions of views in record time!

Lqast year, Munchkin got dressed as a Ewok, so convincing that she landed an audition for Star Wars: Rogue one! Just kidding, but that would have been awesome, wouldn’t it? Surely Darth Vader would have been convinced.

This time, we ask you to let Munchkin brighten your day in light of Halloween, as she gets dressed in a Wonder Woman teddy bear suit, complete with laser-deterring bracelets. She continues to entertain her legion of online fans, wearing the classic red and gold outfit with a blue tutu decorated with white stars, complete with a tiara. And don’t forget the cape!

She may not be Diana, princess of the Amazons, but she will surely distract any criminal with her cuteness long enough for the cops to arrive.

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