Three-Year-Old Girl Picks Out Her Own Outfit For Picture Day And Leaves Everyone Surprised

Published October 21, 2016 864,418 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesChildren who are raised by parents who not only love them, but also support their decisions grow into strong, confident and intelligent individuals. This is the story of a brave three-year-old girl who showed the world exactly who she wants to be!

Kaylieaan Steinbach, a three-year-old with severe hearing loss, doesn’t care what other people think and has high self-esteem. Luckily, her supportive parents have her back and shower her with love and affection! So, they let her pick out an outfit on her own for the annual picture day at school. What she wears has gone viral and left everyone lost for words and surprised!

Kaylieann’s dad, Austin Steinbach, said they usually give their daughter three outfit options to choose from in the morning, but this outfit hadn’t been on the table. She chose the specific costume she got for their trip to San Francisco Comic-Con and she dressed as a Supergirl. Her parents were hesitant at first, but decided to let her wear it after seeing how happy and proud she was in it!

Her parents are obviously very proud of their strong and independent little girl, describing her as “unique, tenacious, bold, stubborn, brave, and every other word there is to describe joy, intelligence, and grace." This is another excellent example of the purity and incorrupt nature of children. Their decisions are not influenced by what others will think, rather their choices come out of their own desires.

She may be dressing up like her favorite comic book heroes, but we think Kaylieann is the true superhero in this story!