Guy Stops Street Brawl With Pizza Offering

Published October 18, 2016 54,313 Views $162.14 earned

Rumble Those of you who have had the unfortunate pleasure to witness a street brawl have probably taken one of a couple of roles. Either you sat on the margins, eating imaginary popcorn and placing wages as to who will fall, or you took the perilous path and broke it up. Party poopers!

But who would have guessed that a pie would be the one thing that will break up a street fight in an instant? Security cameras have captured one such instant. At first we think the waiter will smack the offender with the pie and pray it is not the case, but the way he handled those two is just a pure win!

The CCTV footage shows two men on the sidewalk in front of a pizza place in Los Angeles, California. The two men wrestle on the ground for reasons undisclosed, when one of the pizzeria’s servers comes out with a fresh, steaming pie. He is about to serve some customers, but changes his mind and decides to break up the fight first, pizza still in hand. Not the pizza!

Was the guy an expert in peacemaking, or was the brawl that shallow? We can’t know, but if we had to take a wild guess, we would say that the smell of the fresh pizza did the trick. The server separates the two men, helps them both off the ground and then does what no one else would have done in his stead. He offered them both a slice, right there on the spot!

In the end, both guys walk home will full bellies and faces intact, but not before the short guy comes back for seconds, because, hey - free pizza! As the great JLaw would say: “Pizza fixes everything!”