Animals can Do Strange Things When They Are Hungry

Published October 16, 2016 21,900 Plays $109.26 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAnimals get hungry too, and it takes time to feed everyone when you are on a ranch or a farm. Some animals are no different than humans however as they can get hungry too. For example in this video the horse is so hungry that he is chasing down the truck that is driving through with his hay bale attached to it.

The horse even goes so far as to get his front legs on the hay bale so he can try and take a few bites. All the while he is still chasing the truck by walking on his hind legs.

It’s funny to watch as this horse is very persistent and will stop at nothing to get his meal. While the video is only a short minute long with the ability to subscribe to the funny animal page at the end it still shows how funny every animal can be, especially when they are hungry, SHARE this video with all your friends!


  • BroncoBob, 3 years ago

    He seems to be saying "What's the hold-up?". Funny!

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