A Teaser Trailer for a Film that Is All About the Experience of Being One With a Herd of Horses

anonymousPublished: October 15, 20161 views
Published: October 15, 2016

Horse herds are more complicated than a lot of people give them credit for, which might be different if more people ever tried living among them. Of course, the next best thing is going to involve people watching their fellow humans living among horses, which is what people are going to see in the movie that is being advertised here.

This teaser is hopefully going to communicate some of the way in which the movie feels. It has a nice and evocative tone to it. People will see lots of images of horses just bonding. They will also see humans bonding with them in a way that feels highly emotional and special. If the whole movie is like this, then it is going to be a winner. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since a lot of people would love to see both the teaser and the finished product.

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