75 Horses are Given A Second Chance

Published October 15, 2016 4,450 Plays $16.21 earned

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsThese horses did not have a bright future. There were 75 horses that were abandoned with no food, water, or hope for a future. Thanks to the people at A New Beginning for the Hampshire Heard these horses will get the second chance that they need and deserve.
These horses were scared at first and then they seemed to realize that these people were here to help them. One by one the horses were walked to the traveling pens and were taken away to safety. This group is happy to report that their mission was accomplished. Each and every one of the 75 horses were adopted and were given a new home.

These horses can now move around in an open field and do not have to worry about food ,shelter, or love. The transformation of these horses is amazing to see. They want from neglected to well loved thanks to this rescue group. Please SHARE in Facebook