Poltergeist Throwing Stroller Down Stairs Caught On Video

Published October 14, 2016 5,503 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesGhost hunters сsay the moment a pushchair is thrown down a staircase in one of Britain's most haunted houses could finally be footage of the 'Black Monk' caught on camera. They claim to have caught on camera the very moment a poltergeist pushed a stroller down a staircase in one of Britain's most haunted houses.

Steve Archibald, 36, and his wife Carrie are the founders of Pitch Black Investigations and had persuaded a group of dauntless paranormal enthusiasts to spend the night at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorks. The house was the site of one of Britain's most notorious alleged hauntings when the Pritchard family were subjected to years of torment by the so-called 'Black Monk of Pontefract'.

"I came around the corner and saw the buggy on the stairs and couldn't believe it," says Steve in a quote to press about the incident. "Then we all re-watched the footage. No one could believe it. I know 100% it couldn't have rolled. It had been there for eight hours. It doesn't budge or move on its own."

Steve's startling footage shows a stroller be thrown by an invisible force down the same set of stairs where 14-year-old Diane Pritchard was dragged by the hair by the supposed Black Monk.

Some of the team were so scared by what they witnessed they refused to spend the night in the house and instead fled to a nearby hotel.