The Bizarre Disappearance Of Kayelyn Louder Remains A Mystery

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Published: October 13, 2016

A series of strange events that paint a blurry picture for a missing girl. Chilling and bizarre 911 call and unexplainable behavior before a startelling disappearance and a family’s worst nightmare coming to the surface. All this and more on this episode of seriously strange events caught on camera!

Even though surrounded by light and love, aren’t necessarily protective from misfortune. Thirty-year-old known as Kiki to loved ones, was born and raised in Utah, surrounded by a supportive family and loyal friends and was on a path to a happy and successful life. She graduated from high school and enrolled in Utah state university from 2002-2006 where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in social work, a field she was passionate about. But her devotion to help others extended beyond her education.

Kayelyn was kind to anyone she met and friends described her as non-judgemental and deeply loyal girl who had a fire for living life to the fullest and laughing along the way. Being an animal lover, Kayelyn enjoyed riding horses and had a beloved four-legged companion, dog called Phillis. Those around her say that they could always count on her. However, she was struggling with job stability, between 2013 to 2014 after she was let go from her previous job. She was not a person to dwell on the negative and soon began seeking new job opportunities.

But over the course of two days, the events that followed would change this young girl’s life forever. She began to act strangely and called the 911 to report some intruders who have allegedly broken into her apartment even though the roommate denied it. The next day, she went to walk her dog, but never came back. She was reported missing but her disappearance was never explained.

Over two months later, her body was found in the river, over 5 miles away from where she was last seen. Police found no evidence of fight or any indication that she has been a victim of violent crime. The why, how and where of Kayelyn’s death remain a mystery. The obvious signs of drama had to wait until after the autopsy results came in. After the discovery, her family released a public statement stressing that they are heartbroken but relieved to know where she was, and hoped that in her very last moments she knew that she was very much loved.

A disturbing set of circumstances lead to a terrible conclusion.
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