Learn The Ways You Can Re-Use Soda Cans

HouseholdHackerPublished: October 13, 2016Updated: October 17, 2016207,036 views
Published: October 13, 2016Updated: October 17, 2016

The world consumes over 200 billion aluminum cans each year. The thing is, these cans can provide good raw material for those who are kind of thrifty or creative. You can seriously find something clever to do with every part of the aluminum can so next time you are finishing that soda, save the can and think about these hacks.

Do you have an art piece that you would love to hand but it seems impossible without the necessary accessories? Create a makeshift hook with the pop tab in less than one minute. Carefully remove the tab from the soda can by holding it up and bending it down. Just choose a central spot on the back to place the tab.

We have a solution for you if you want to peel something, and we assure you that the top of a soda can be perfect for peeling maneuver.

Hey did you know that you don’t need a popcorn maker or a microwave to make popcorn, all you need is an empty soda can, heating source and a sharp tool. This may not be your first choice, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you haven’t had time to learn magic tricks, you should try this easy trick and leave your friends amazed! All you need is an empty soda can. Pour some water into it, and try to balance it by bending it to the side. This is one hell of a trick!

Also, did you know that drinking soda straight out of the can is not good for your teeth? So, it’s a good thing that straws exist. Or is it? There is a method behind the madness after you crack open your soda, avoid your straw stuck in your nostrils by spinning the tab around over the open hole! It’s actually meant to hold your strong place, so sip on that one!

If you recycle cans or save them for the scrapyard and like to conserve space quick and easy, built yourself a can crusher! Now, there is really some elaborate ways to go about this but the basic one will get the job done!

All you need are two equal size pieces of two by four and cut it to 16 inches each or roughly 40 cm. Other than lumber you will need a handle, two strap hinges, some screws, two mending plates, two jar lids and some tools.

We know it sounds like a lot but bear with us! First, line up the two strap hinges side by side and evenly apart and fasten them with screws. Then, grab two jar lids that are roughly the same in size, now their diameter only needs to be large enough to fit the base of the can. Pick a spot near the opposite end of the hinges and drill in the lids with one screw and washer each, they don’t need to even line up perfectly to function!

For convenience and a little bit easier operation add a handle to the opposite end from the hinges. Finally, it’s time for some crushing!

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