Dog Getting Scratched Asks For More

claudiorPublished: October 11, 201668,986 views
Published: October 11, 2016

One of the best feelings known to man is getting that itch you can't scratch. Well apparently it's the same for dogs. Finn's owner was giving him chest rub, but when he stopped, Finn didn’t like it. He just doesn't want his owner to stop, and he lets him know that in the most adorable way ever. He has his own ways of asking for affection, and it is the cutest way to seek affection. Watch as Finn asks for a petting until he's completely satisfied.How can you say no to this cutie?

Although we love petting our pets, there comes a time when we don’t want to pet them anymore and we eventually stop, because life demands us to do something else, but pets don’t care about that. They just want to receive infinite affection and love from their owners. Finn demonstrates that in the cutest possible way!

Finn loves to have his chest scratched. Even though he is ready to fall asleep, he keeps pulling his owner's hand back every time the scratching stops! He just loves attention, but hates when he is not petted. He shows what he wants by grabbing his owner’s hand and forcing it to pet him. Finn demands more attention and won't let his owner stop petting until he says so! He is one stubborn dog who knows what he wants and knows how to get it!

Every time the owner stops petting Finn, he grabs the hand with his paw to show the human where to keep scratching! He wants unlimited petting and openly shows that owner is not allowed to stop. With his adorable reaction it looks like Finn is going to get his way for a long time!

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