Weird cat loves to be hit

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    missvirgule · 7 weeks ago

    He doesn't like to be "hittted" (hited ?), but instead to "hit" him scratch his back aling the spineal until the base of thetail and you will see the difference (most part of them ADORE that

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    feline339 · 7 weeks ago

    This is ANIMAL ABUSE! He cannot speak to say how he actually feels but he would prefer to be stroked or gently scratched. You wouldn't get away with doing this to a child!

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    Fuzzy · 7 weeks ago

    It is a weird cat. I sow another video of a cat liking rather rough interactions. Well he would go if he wanted to.

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      Fuzzy · 7 weeks ago

      The cat is free to go. He stays , doesn't mind , actually seems like he likes it.