Have A Look At These 8 Awesome Grocery Bag Hacks

HouseholdHackerPublished: October 6, 201636,150 views
Published: October 6, 2016

You recycle when you can, but it’s hard to toss away something useful as a grocery bag. Paper or plastic, you can end up with tons of them, occupying your home space. However, there are lots of ways to use and transform grocery bags into something useful.

In this video, you can see several ways on how to use grocery bags in a smart way. First of all, you should find a suitable solution for all those you have in your home. Instead of leaving them hanging around your house or having overloaded drawers, you can make a grocery bag box out of a baby wipe container. You can also use some empty tissue box, cereal box, or even cardboard soda case. It only depends on your imagination.

Plastic bags seems to have many uses around your house. If you don’t want your ice cream to get some ugly odour in the fridge, than you can wrap a plastic bag between your ice cream and the lid and then tie it up at the bottom.

They are also good for gathering all your socks in one place and still have enough space in your drawers. It might not look pretty, but we all have skeletons in our closets.

They are perfect for your car trips. If you easily get carsick, then making an improvised carsick bag is the right choice for saving you from a disaster. Place a plastic bag into a paper one for extra sturdiness, then fold it on itself and tuck it in your car to avoid disaster before it starts.

If yellow jackets or wasps are invading your yard, than creating a paper nest is a good idea on how to get rid of them without harming them. It will look like the nest from another swarm of bugs, and since they are very territorial, they will steer clear from your yard.

From making a magic wallet to locking down your bags with a bungee cord, check out our favorite grocery bag hacks!

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