Zoo Searches For Mate For Lonely Female Jaguar

CENPublished: October 5, 201693 views
Published: October 5, 2016

Zoo keepers are looking for a mate for a lonely female jaguar that has been starved of male company for the last five years.

Keepers at Gaziantep zoo in south-eastern Turkey say that Hasret - which ironically means 'Longing' in Turkish - is the only female jaguar in the whole country.

The seven-year-old big cat arrived from a zoo in the German city of Duisburg five years ago and has been doomed to solitude ever since.

Female jaguars enter into their mating period at the age of seven so keepers think this is the perfect time for Hasret to finally have some company of the opposite sex.

Officials said they have contacted zoos all over the world in their search for a suitable partner for Hasret.

They are worried that she might become frustrated and irritable if they cannot find a mate for her soon.

The search has proved futile so far, but keepers have not given up as they recently successfully hooked up another of their animals with a mate after 10 years of searching.

Sakir the giraffe tied the knot with a female giraffe from another Turkish zoo earlier this year.

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