Seal Of Approval For Zoos Happiest Inhabitant

CENPublished: October 5, 201660 views
Published: October 5, 2016

Delighted zoo visitors have put their seal of approval on what looks like the most fun marine display ever.

This adorable sea lion captivated spectators at Japan's Katsurahama Aquarium, in Kochi, with its impromptu game while keepers were cleaning its pool.

Risa - a Californian sea lion - was filmed by one visitor having the time of her life using the curves of the pool as a giant slide.

As she slips serenely along on her tummy, Risa looks at the crowd, apparently to check that they are watching her performance.

Twitter user and wildlife fan @sumineko_L uploaded the video for his eight hundred followers and almost immediately the marine park tweeted back.

They said: "This is something Risa looks forward to every time her pool is drained and cleaned."

One watcher said: "It's that look she gives the public as she glides past them. She knows she is being clever and wants everyone to see it."

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