Nature Sure Used Her Sense Of Humor On These Animals

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 201691 views
Published: October 4, 2016

If you think that Mother Nature was exercising her good sense of humor by giving you a big nose, think again. You definitely have not been on that list, because these animals have really felt her humorous side! From a squid that appears to have human teeth to an amphibian that looks like another body part of the human body, join us as we tell the joke of how these animals came to be.

We start with the aforementioned squid with the pearliest if whites you have ever seen. The species is so rare, that scientists were only able to examine one individual, caught by a German research vessel!

Next is something called Aardvark, or specifically, their young. When they are still infants, they are just pink and bald. If we didn’t know any better, we would assume is some kind of a freaky cross between a pink elephant and a kangaroo. There is a trip for yah! Fortunately for these little critters, their fur grows when they reach 5 weeks of age so that they can start munching on some termites.

Speaking of freaky crosses, how about this next guy? The Saiga Antelope was once native from Europe to Mongolia but is now critically endangered. We hope it isn’t because of all the plastic surgeries they had for that trunk-like nose they were given! Since it could once be found in the grasslands of Russia and Kazakhstan, the trunk helped them regulate their blood temperature by warming or cooling the air they breathe.

We follow up with the Tarsier, a primate unlike any other. Found on the islands of Southeast Asia, it is one of the world’s smallest primates. A shy little animal with eyes too big for its head, they actually help him target its prey, leaping at insects with their powerful hind legs. You could say they are the snipers of the animal world.

Still curious about that amphibian? Keep watching the rest of the clip, because that animal is weird, it is very close to number one!


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