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Published: October 4, 2016

We only know of history what has been served to us. But there are so many aspects of the past that are hidden, known only to those who have been there to experience it themselves. Thanks to photography, an invention that has graced us for over a century, we can now see some of those hidden aspects of history. From a photo of Muhammad Ali posing with The Beatles to a picture of a man testing a bulletproof vest, Slapped Ham lets us take a peep at 10 rare photos from history.

One incredible photo was taken during a demonstration of a bulletproof vest. The photo, taken in 1923, shows two men wearing the same vest, with one of them shooting the other at just 10 feet away. The demonstrator, luckily, was able to walk away.

In 1964, a photo was taken of a young boxer named Cassius Clay bunching the member of the pop band The Beatles in a row. The band was there to appear on the Ed Sullivan show and took the time for a photo op with Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Have you heard of the punt gun? This is the first we hear of it too, making this photo exceptionally rare. The weapon was used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to kill a large number of waterfowl. One trigger of that thing could take down as many as 90 birds!

This next photo was taken during World War One on the British Western Front in France. It depicts hundreds of spent 105 mm shells after just one day of fighting. They were used to literally pepper the German lines, making way for the advancing infantry.

When we see the lion road during the intro for the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, we rarely think about the actual big cat. The studio calls all of its mascots as Leo the Lion, but in fact, the first lion to shoot the famous intro is this one, called Jackie. His face adorned the credits from 1928 to 1956, including the one for The Wizard of Oz.

The rest of this list is a lesson in history all on its own. We highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Have fun!


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